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Smile BASIC looking super useful ⊟

The 3DS sequel to Petit Computer, the DSiWare BASIC compiler, will be shown at TGS this week (an event I won’t be attending….) and publisher Smileboom has shown off some new screens and features along with it.

These are some example games made to show what’s possible with the 3DS compiler, including an adventure game, fighting game, and a platformer. Included with the software is a sprite and in-game art editor! There’s also some kind of program that interfaces with Korg M01D? Via ColtraineGF.

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Limited Edition New 3DSes for Pokémon ORAS

While North America and Europe received a new trailer and details about an upcoming 3DS eShop demo for Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Japan enjoyed an announcement for these special edition handhelds.

Starting November 21, Japan’s Pokémon Centers will carry a limited quantity of these New 3DSes with the Kyogre and Groudon custom plates — if Google Translate is correct, they have a suede texture to them, which is baller AF. While they will include custom Home menu themes, they will not have pre-installed copies of the games. They’re priced at ¥19,000, or around $177.

You can watch the Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire trailer and read details about the upcoming demo after the break:

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How about some love for a good police officer?

Officer Gaetano Acerra

Responded to a call where a 13 year old boy didnt want to live in his home anymore. He found out that the family couldnt afford a bed or much else for the teen.

So he bought him one. A big queen sized one.

He also bought him a Tv and someone donated a Wii, so now they play whenever Officer Gaetano Acerra has a chance

He also plans to get him a dresser, mirror, and a hamper. Among other things he needs but cannot afford.

People. They’re not ALWAYS a bunch of bastards.


The corruption needs to go.
This guy can stay.